Decorative panels

A collection of unique seamless 3D prefabricated panels from the company Armourcoat®, made from high-strength gypsum mineral-based and reinforced with fiberglass.

Surface finishes

Unique wall finishes Armourcoat®, wich are extremely strong, durable seamless plasters and paints. All of them have a unique texture and appearance.

Designer finishes

Designer collections of wall finishes by Ukrainian designers manufactured by Decor Studio from Armourcoat® materials.

Draw of a car

Draw of a car

We held our first draw of a car! The Citroen DS4 was given away by the Decor Studio "Factura.UA" and its partners in May 2013.

The winner was determined at the gala event of the ARTSPACE 2013 interior prize. The lucky car owner was the Kharkov architect Maxim Gres.

In 2015, architect Igor Kapran became the winner of the Lottery at the ART SPACE interior prize event and the owner of the Toyota Yaris.